Do you repair bent or cracked wheels? 
Yes. We specialize in repairing bent and cracked wheels and we are a cut above the rest of our competition due to the fact that we are FAST. In most cases you can have your damaged wheel back in the same day depending on the severity of the damage. A rush fee may be applied to your quote for same day service.

What is the process in repairing scratched wheels?
Once you arrive for your appointment, we will immediately start working on your car. We sand down the damaged area and repaint the wheel either on the vehicle or off the vehicle depending on the damage. Typical repairs take an hour per wheel at the most.

Can you repair chrome wheels?
Yes and no. We currently don't offer any kind of rechroming service for scratched up or cosmetically damaged wheels. We can however straighten bend chrome wheels and even weld up cracked chrome wheels. If the bend is on the outside of the wheel though, you will run into the same problem of repairing the scratches. The straightening process will scratch up the wheel and we can't repair that.

Do you offer any kind of warranty or guarantee?
We can't offer any kind of extended warranty because we just don't know where you're driving after you leave our shop. We can guarantee that when you leave our shop, your wheel will be repaired. If for some reason we missed something and you still have a problem with your wheel, we will stand behind our work and make whatever issue you have better.

What is included in the bent/cracked wheel price quote?
Besides repairing the wheel, we will also mount and dismount from your vehicle, do all the tire work, and re-balance the wheel. Most other shops will charge extra for any tire work or balancing.

Do I need an appointment?
If you want to drop the vehicle or the wheel off with us then no. If you want to wait for your vehicle, we will need to set up an appointment so we can have a dedicated time slot for you.

My 3 piece wheel is leaking. Can you fix it?
Yes. We will completely disassemble your wheel and start over with sealing and re torquing every bolt. 

Are you mobile?
Do to the growing regulations with the painting and the EPA, we currently no longer offer a mobile service. To get a top quality repair, you need to have your wheel fixed in a closed environment and our shop. Parking lot jobs will not last no matter what anyone tells you.

Can you cut me a deal? I can find the same wheels at the junkyard for less.
Our prices are non negotiable and are competitive with the national average from other reputable wheel repair shops in the country. We take pride in our work and will bend over backwards to make sure that your wheels are repaired properly and fast. We can't offer a "deal" because you are paying for time to get your wheel repaired. If we cut you deal then we would have to move faster to make a profit and that is when mistakes are made. We have built our business around quality not quantity.