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Bent Wheels

We offer top quality, factory specified bent wheel repair with 24-48 hour turnaround time.

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Cracked Wheels

We offer a welding service with one day turnaround on standard cracks.

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Cosmetic Damage

We repair scratched wheels from curb damage and other forms of damage like corrosion.

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Cosmetic Repair

If you hit the curb and scratched up your wheels we can help. We offer on-site cosmetic wheel refurbishment same day as the appointment

 We have a few options for you when it comes to cosmetic repairs. We offer:


Spot repair. We will repair the obvious damage on the wheel, but the repair process won't cover every tiny blemish that may be elsewhere on the wheel. This repair is can be done at our Marietta shop or on-site for an additional price.

Complete wheel refinishing. We will remove all damage and do a complete paint job of the wheels. We use the same process as if you were to get your fender painted on your car with a base and a clear coat. This service will take a couple of days and will require the wheels to be dropped off with us. We can do all tire work for a reasonable fee.  

Powder coating. If you're looking for a brand new factory flawless finish, then this the option we recommend. This process will also require the wheels to be dropped off with us for a few days and is the most expensive.  

Jackie C.
Jonesboro, GA

I had a bent wheel on my Mercedes. I scheduled an appointment and met Jeremy at a dealership location. The repair took about an hour and I was ready for the road. I am happy with the repair and noticed a big improvement in my ride. The price was very reasonable, lower than quoted by 3 similar businesses I had contacted. I would recommend Jeremy and his business for wheel repair.

Tanya T.
Atlanta, GA

Jeremy is absolutely incredible to work with. The quality of his work is outstanding. I have a tendency to ding my rims fairly regularly (unfortunately). Jeremy is always willing to meet at my house and does an excellent job of repairing them. I would highly recommend that you work with Jeremy. Cheers.

Eric P.
Atlanta, GA

I hit the curb in my brand new Honda and left a 3 inch scuff on the lip. Stuck out like a sore thumb. Jeremy responded quickly, met up with me and had the wheel repaired in 20 minutes. It looked new again. Highly recommend. Excellent work and service.